Scientific research involving airguns

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Factors that influence performance in Olympic air-rifle and small-bore shooting: A systematic review, March 2021, Sina Spancken ,Hannah Steingrebe,Thorsten Stein (

Internal Ballistics of PCP Airguns, July 2018, Domingo Tavella (

Empirical evaluation of spring powered air rifle storage and modifications on forensic practice and casework, 2018, Kate J.Greenslade, Rachel S.Bolton-King ( (Notice the first sentence in the abstract: "Air weapons are commonly used by civilian populations across the world, particularly by those under 18, and discharges often result in desecration, criminal damage and animal abuse".)

Spring Buzz and Failure in Spring Piston Airguns, June 2015, Domingo Tavella (link)

Determinants of elite-level air rifle shooting performance, April 2015, S. Ihalainen,S. Kuitunen,K. Mononen,V. Linnamo (link)

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Prediction of the Air Gun Performance, Mar 2014, V. Horák, L. Do Duc, R. Vítek, S. Beer and Q. H. Mai (link)

The Internal Ballistics of an Air Gun, 2011, Mark Denny (

Internal Ballistics of a Spring-Air Pellet Gun, May 2007, Stephen J. Compton (link)

German - Deutsch

Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur energieabhängigen Expansion und Penetration von Deformationsprojektilen, Kaliber 4,5 mm, unter traumatologischen und rechtsmedizinischen Aspekten, 2017, Ronald Werner (link)

Die Eindringtiefe von Bleikugeln verschiedener Durchmesser in weiches Gewebe, 1976, Karl G. Sellier (this study was the basis of the 7,5J limit in Germany and other countries which followed its lead)

Hungarian - Magyar

A központi gyújtású tűz- és PCP légfegyverek összehasonlítása pontosság, rekreációs alkalmazhatóság és költségvonzat szempontjából, 2018, Sándor Béres (link) (no significant differences in accuracy and precision between centerfire rifles and PCP air rifles: the significantly cheaper and quieter PCP air rifle is more capable to practice and simulate big calibre sport shooting)

Spanish - Espanol

Estudio y modelado de la unidad de potencia de un rifle de PCP, 2014, Lozano Sánchez, José Eduardo (link)