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Welcome to Pat's Airgun Wiki!

This wiki aims to be a broad and open knowledge base about everything related to airguns (air pistols and air rifles). Feel free to register and add contents yourself! (It's important to do that, if the wiki has no edits for a while, it automatically gets closed by Miraheze).

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People related to airguns

Companies related to airguns and accessories

Books related to airguns

Airgun forums

Airgun websites, magazines, online channels and other resources

Scientific research involving airguns

Projectile Energy

Airgunning Software


History of airguns in general & models in specific

Listing of events, competitions and their federations.

Documenting target sports: olympic shooting, summer biathlon, target shooting, bench rest, field target, silhouette, and others.

Technical explanation of the different fundamental types of airguns, and of particular models or innovations.

Ballistics (theory, open BC modelling, open BC db for speed/gun combinations)

History of the practical applications (hunting, machine building)

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